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What happens after I book a cohort for my teen?

You should receive a confirmation email within minutes. Within 48 hours you will receie login access our Teenspreneurs online portal and given the webportal class link for your teen to login to. Once you sign in with your email address and create a profile, your teen will be able to download all of our resources and be able to interact with other students.

I love Teenpreneurs and am interested in helping promote the brand. Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do! We have officially launched the affiliate program and are thrilled about having amazing promoters like you on our team. Please email us here:

We have been so inspired by Teenpreneurs and would like to share our enthusiasm and positive feedback. How can we do that?

It makes our day to hear these kinds of things and we love to spread the love! If you'd like to provide a review and/or testimonial (video or written), we would be so grateful to collaborate. Please get in touch with us at

What's the best way to contact Teenspreneurs?

We love getting emails at and generally respond within 24 hours or sooner.

Help! I can't seem to find my link to access my class and resources.

Sometimes this initial confirmation email ends up in the spam folder of email. However, it could also be due to mistakenly enter the incorrect email address at check out (it happens). Either way, contact us at and we will gladly send you your link right away.

Do you offer Teenpreneurs in any languages other than English?

We are are working on getting great teachers in other languages. For now, only english!

In today’s economy of fierce global competition, high employee turnover, and exponential technological advances, companies are relying in greater numbers on contracts with their employees and contractors to protect company assets. These contracts may include prohibitions against working for competitors, prohibitions against taking clients, customers, and vendors, prohibitions against directing clients, customers, or vendors to stop giving their business to a company, prohibitions against hiring employees or encouraging them to stop working for a company, and prohibitions against using or taking information and documents received only as a result of working for a company.

Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP has experience enforcing and defending these types of contracts. We have advised employees, managers, executives, owners, and employers in the drafting and negotiation of these contracts, including trying to address any potential issues with social media. We have been called on to assist clients in addressing these provisions when part of the purchase or sale of a business. We also have handled disputes over these contracts, from pre-suit resolution, through temporary and preliminary injunctions, or through trial.

Our trade secret, non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality dispute experiences include the following:

  • Breach of contract

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Contract drafting and negotiation

  • Corporate raiding

  • Declaratory judgments

  • Employee poaching and cherry-picking

  • No hire agreements

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Non-interference

  • Non-solicitation agreements

  • Permanent injunctions

  • Preliminary injunctions

  • Restrictive covenants

  • Return of company property

  • Temporary injunctions

  • Theft of trade secrets

  • Tortious interference

  • Work agreements