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Most business deals start with the best of intentions, with the parties generally expecting to enter into a relationship that will be mutually beneficial. But there are times when one party is not acting with the best of intentions, or discovers that the relationship is not beneficial. It is in those times that business disputes arise.

We have prosecuted and defended a whole range of business disputes, from complex cases over elaborate contracts spanning hundreds of pages to claims over deals with no written contract at all, from disputes among sophisticated businesses to claims between individuals and businesses. Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP also has litigated cases on behalf of consumers and companies where the claims involve fraudulent, deceptive, or bad-faith practices.

The following are examples of the commercial/business litigation cases our attorneys have handled:

  • Breach or enforcement of contract

  • Business ownership disputes

  • Buy-sell agreement disputes

  • Commercial disparagement

  • Condominium and homeowners’ association disputes

  • Conspiracy to commit unlawful acts

  • Consumer fraud

  • Conversion and civil theft

  • Developer disputes

  • Economic loss

  • Escrow disputes and interpleader actions

  • Environmental claims

  • Failures of reverse mergers

  • Foreclosures

  • Fraud and misrepresentation

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