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  • Represented the President/CEO, other board of directors members, and the record shareholders of a publicly-traded company in a failed reverse merger transaction. Although the buyer was to receive only an empty shell (the value received being the publicly traded company), the buyer attempted to abscond with assets prior to their distribution to the shareholders. We successfully obtained an injunction to prevent the dissipation of the assets belonging to the prior shareholders, obtained a judgment authorizing the release of the funds to the record shareholders, and obtained criminal and civil sanctions against the buyer.

  • Represented an international client in a dispute over a shareholder agreement that created a joint venture in a third company. After nearly a decade of success under the agreement, one of the parties to this international contract attempted to repudiate the contract and enter into a similar relationship with a competing company. The matter involved litigation in a New York federal court and arbitration in Japan.

  • Represented a publicly traded company against its former founder for committing various securities violations against the company and its shareholders. These violations included self-dealing, pumping and dumping, engaging in an illegal and improper proxy fight, improper solicitation of shareholders, and other acts of corporate malfeasance.

  • Represented an international chemical manufacturer/distributor and a former chemical distributor in defense of a lawsuit alleging environmental contamination dating back to the 1970s. Obtained dismissal of the CERCLA claim on a motion to dismiss. Successfully defeated two summary judgment motions, which sought judgment against the clients as to the strict liability state statutory claims brought against them under Florida’s environmental contamination statute (Chapter 376). Successfully obtained Daubert rulings, which limited the plaintiff’s environmental contamination expert’s testimony, while at the same time defeating a Daubert challenge of the clients’ environmental contamination expert.

  • Represented an international media company in a lawsuit where the former employee alleged race discrimination and retaliation, and obtained summary judgment against the former employee, which was affirmed on appeal.
    Represented a major educational institution in a highly publicized case brought by two plaintiffs alleging that their employment was terminated for exercising their freedom of speech and obtained dismissal with prejudice of the claims.
    Represented a seller defending against allegations that sixty-nine of the seller’s restaurants were not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by being accessible to persons with disabilities.

  • Represented a major manufacturer in obtaining a non-competition and a non-solicitation injunction shortly after a former manager resigned and began employment with the manufacturer’s competitor.

  • Represented an international distributor in obtaining a non-solicitation injunction after a former manager began recruiting employees to work for a competitor.
    Represented an international travel industry company in bringing claims against thirteen former employees who resigned en masse to start-up a new division for a competitor company.

  • Represented a company in defense of a multi-million-dollar “ponzi” case.

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