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Individuals and businesses are not looking to purposely cause harm to others.  But sometimes, the services provided or the product made result in others asserting claims or filing lawsuits claiming a harm. To protect against potential claims, individuals and businesses purchase insurance policies. Those insurance policies may state that the insurance company will provide to the individual or company a cost of defense (that is, pay the cost for an attorney to represent the individual or company).

Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP’s attorneys have been retained by individuals and companies to represent them in those cases in which an insurance policy may provide the cost of defense. The firm has handled and may handle a wide range of matters.

The following are examples of insurance-related claims our attorneys have and can handle:

  • Appellate

  • Aviation

  • Builder’s risk

  • Business policies

  • Commercial litigation

  • Construction

  • Defamation

  • Directors and officers liability

  • Employment practices

  • Errors and omissions

  • Financial litigation

  • Flood

  • General liability

  • Homeowners

  • Pollution

  • Premises liability

  • Products liability

  • Professional liability

  • Property

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