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When the business honeymoon is over and the owners, officers, or directors no longer see eye-to-eye, the resulting dispute can be as emotionally charged as a divorce. These disputes can bring business to a halt and sometimes may put an end to the business as a going concern.

Each dispute is different, bringing a unique set of facts and circumstances. What sets these disputes apart from other litigation is how personal the matters become, much of which is the result of the dynamic personalities of the individuals involved in the dispute. We have litigated and resolved—efficiently and pragmatically—many disagreements between and among business partners and shareholders.

These are some of the matters we have handled:

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Change of control

  • Closely held corporations

  • Corporate records disputes

  • Corporate waste

  • Deadlocks

  • Dilution of shares

  • Dissenters’ rights

  • Dissolutions of partnerships and closely held corporations

  • Fiduciary duty claims

  • Fraud

  • Liquidation

  • Merger and acquisition disputes

  • Minority shareholder squeeze outs

  • Mismanagement

  • Piercing the corporate veil

  • Poison pills

  • Proxy fights

  • Separation agreements

  • Shareholder abuse claims

  • Shareholder control agreements

  • Shareholder derivative suit

  • Stock options

  • Stockholder buyout

  • Theft or misappropriate of corporate assets

  • Unjust enrichment claims

  • Valuation of companies/stock

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