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Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP’s attorneys can assist in the prosecution and defense of construction claims, in arbitration or in court. In addition, we can assist in the analysis and prosecution of insurance issues that may apply to construction disputes, such as coverage under builder’s risk, general liability, professional liability, and homeowner’s policies.

Our extensive experience in construction litigation is reflected in the diversity of the claims we have handled and the clients we have represented. We have handled claims as diverse as those over the construction of residential dwellings to those arising out of the design and construction of power plants, and have represented owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and architects, engineers, and other design professionals.

Each construction litigation case is as unique as the project being designed and constructed. Each case presents its own contract issues, design and construction issues, and sometimes insurance issues. We therefore aggressively investigate the claims and defenses at an early stage. This positions us to identify liability, damages, and insurance issues and tailor appropriate strategies for litigation. In the end, we have the experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness to approach each construction litigation matter with the goal of balancing efficiency with our clients’ objectives.

Our construction litigation experience includes the following:

  • Breach of contract claims (including EPC, turnkey, and traditional)

  • Change order claims

  • Contract dispute resolution procedures

  • Delay and disruption claims

  • Design and engineering claims

  • Insurance issues (including builder’s risk and homeowner’s policies)

  • Liens and release of liens

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