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A class action or collective action lawsuit is a powerful form of litigation. These types of cases magnify the threat to a company’s reputation and more important, its financial viability. Managing the risks of a class or collective action requires knowledge of the legal process and cost-effective techniques to manage the litigation itself.

Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP has handled a range of class action lawsuits in both state and federal courts. The range of our experience is broad, and includes consumer protection, employment, and commercial business practices class actions. This experience has cut across a number of industries including banking, retail, hospitality, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction, to name a few. Our experience ranges from handling class actions as small as a few individuals to massive cases involving a class of thousands of claimants.

Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP relies on its practical experience to implement and determine a strategy that addresses not only the litigation itself, but also the impact such litigation may have on a company or individual.

Examples of our representative experiences in this area are available here.

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